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Kim's Transformational Story

In her 40’s Kim had a near death experience which shook her out of her slumber and prompted her own transformation. She recounts her story here…

“It was a Tuesday, in September 2011 when I collapsed at home in the early hours of the morning.  I’d had a cold for a few days and was lacking in energy but had no idea my heart was struggling to function. On Tuesday morning I was taken to Wellington hospital by ambulance and by the evening I was admitted to ICU where I was eventually placed into an induced coma.  On Thursday, my family was told that I would die the next day, unless I was flown to Auckland hospital and placed on ECMO life support (a machine which would do the work of my heart and lungs). By this stage I had been diagnosed with myocarditis and my condition was critical. My heart was struggling to work, and my body organs were shutting down.  Although there was significant risk in moving me, there was no other option, so at 2.30am on Friday morning, I was flown from Wellington to Auckland by Life Flight. There was a crew of several medical staff on board, all working hard to keep me alive.

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Over the next three weeks as my heart was given time to rest, it repaired itself such that I was able to be taken off the ECMO machine and then flown back to ICU in Wellington, again by the Life Flight plane.  Once in Wellington ICU, I underwent a tracheotomy to enable me to breathe easier. 

When I regained consciousness, I could not speak because of the tracheotomy, nor move my limbs.  When I was moved into the Cardiology ward I had to learn to feed myself, brush my hair and walk again.  Over the next few weeks, I also discovered that much of what I thought had happened while I was in hospital was incorrect.  My memories consisted of nightmares from when I was in an induced coma and hallucinations once I became conscious.  Apparently, this is the effect of the drugs they give you while in an induced coma.  Overall, I had four months off work, and when I initially returned, I worked part-time as I still needed to strengthen both physically and emotionally.

It was only through this experience, of coming so close to death, that I suddenly appreciated how easily life could be taken away. It was then I started considering my own mortality and had to acknowledge that I was probably over half-way through my life, and I was rapidly running out of time to do all those things that I had always thought about, but just put on the back burner.  There was suddenly a sense of urgency to do these things, to follow my heart and my passions. To do the things I want to do now, and stop putting them off, because there may not be an opportunity tomorrow.  I realised that if I did not pick up my (life) game, I was going to get to the other side with so many things left undone. So, after taking a year to recover both physically and emotionally, I started on my own midlife life transformation.

My midlife transformation has involved tremendous personal growth and has led me to do many things that I had always dreamed about but had never actually acted upon.  As I immersed myself in my passions and the activities that brought me great joy, on a deeper level I also began to explore the purpose of my life and what I was here to do.  

I learned about mindfulness and the importance of living in the present.   I then started yoga, which took me on two incredible adventures to India and developed my awareness of and appreciation of meditation.

Having dabbled with and been fascinated with astrology for most of my adult years, I finally started studying astrology formally through distance learning with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK.  My interest in astrology then took me on another overseas adventure to Oxford University in the UK, where I studied astrology at summer school.  For me, astrology has been an amazing tool, which has given me further insight about myself.  Through understanding my natal chart I was able to bring a lot of my unconscious behaviours into the light and thus start making conscious, healthy decisions moving forward. 

Through a massage course, I started learning about health and nutrition, which sparked an interest in learning about ways to care for the mind and body naturally.  Having suffered from a near death experience and an auto-immune condition previously, I was all for looking at ways to keep my immune system strong and my physical body in sound health. I now have a holistic approach to dealing with health and primarily follow a plant-based diet. 

I became so passionate about everything that I was learning and experiencing in my midlife transformation, that I realised I wanted to work with other women in midlife who were living a life unfulfilled and help them too, create a life of purpose and passion.  So, in 2019 I decided to train as a Holistic Life Coach.

I would love to share what I have learned with you, so you too can find meaning, joy and balance in life.  I can help you design and create the life that reflects your authentic self and support you on this incredible journey. There is passion and purpose within all of us, sometimes we just need a bit of help to bring all of this wisdom to the surface.

What did I learn from my own midlife transformation?

  • I have learned the importance of discovering who I am.  What makes my heart sing and what are my true passions 
  • I’ve learned the value of life and understand how easily it can be taken from any of us
  • I can now put everything thing that happens in life into perspective 
  • I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have and appreciate the extra time that I have been given on earth to learn my life lessons
  • I’ve learned to value myself and stop long-standing unhealthy behaviours that were not serving me
  • I’ve developed self-care practices for my mind and body
  • I’ve learned to become more confident and express my authenticity in both my personal and professional lives
  • I have developed a vision for the future and know where I am headed
  • I have developed spiritual practices that are an important part of my identity and which help ground me when life is chaotic, busy or unsettling

But perhaps the most important lessons have required an internal transformation, and these include:

  • Acknowledging my life is the result of the choices I make
  • Recognising that the same behaviour won’t get different results
  • Working out that it is up to me, to create a life that I love 
  • And understanding that I need to take responsibility for my own health and happiness 

What Qualifications Does Kim Have?

Kim has over 30 years’ experience working with a wide range of people on a one-to-one basis in the capacity of counsellor, coach or advisor.  The areas she has worked in include careers, employment, sexual abuse, rehabilitation, smoking cessation, recruitment and training. 

Much of the work Kim has done with people has involved the sharing of personal and sensitive information.  This level of trust is not taken lightly. Kim recognises it is a great privilege to have someone share their personal details of their life, sometimes which they have never spoken to anyone else about.  Utmost confidentiality is guaranteed when working with Kim.

Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach

Advanced Diploma Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach (MindBodyFood Institute, Australia)  

Mind Body Practitioner

Mind Body Practitioner Certificate (MindBodyFood Institute, Australia)

Tertiary Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Massey University, New Zealand)

Diploma in Business Studies in Human Resource Management (Massey University, New Zealand)

Supporting Holistic Studies

Foundation Course and Interpretation Examination Certificate (Faculty of Astrological Studies, UK) 

It was so powerful and has had such a positive impact on me since.

Kim guided our conversation with such powerful questions and made me really look into my current actions and how they weren’t reflecting the reality I wish to create. I’m so thankful for her insights, perspectives and guidance during this coaching session.

Kim was such an amazing coach to work with. She had such a warm, kind and comforting energy that makes me feel heard, supported and guided. It was so refreshing to hear her perspectives and her wisdom and I would be very happy to work with Kim again.

Nikita, Australia


It was great! It was very relaxed but focused. It was very enlightening in getting me focused and thinking about my goals and looking at anything that I see as holding me back from reaching them. I think we achieved great things, we set small goals each week and these bite sized objectives were easy enough to achieve, but also required some focus on them to achieve. If I was to pick one word I would say – Enlightening

Milair, New Zealand

Taking time back for me

I gained so much – Kim asked some really good questions which is helping me figuring out who I am (which is amazing because this is not something I expected to come up in the session at all). She helped me identify that I have spent so much time doing for others that I have lost sight of myself. 

Although I was aware that this may be a problem, when talking with Kim she really helped me identify it and gain clarity in this area, as well as see that doing things for me is not selfish. Kim also helped me to see that I try too hard and expect too much from myself.

Avril, New Zealand

I have clarity around an area that I didn't have before

I had 3 sessions and by the end of it I feel I have a lot more clarity around the area I wanted to focus on. I have ended up with a pathway that I don’t think I expected, but it definitely feels right. I think I feel “lighter” than before the sessions.

I have clarity around an area that I didn’t have before. I can see links to other areas of my life too which I hadn’t realised. The benefits have been quite huge in only a few sessions.

Gen, New Zealand

How Kim works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Finding the right coach to work with you on your midlife transformational journey is important.  It’s a bit like finding a doctor or a personal trainer, one size does not fit all.  Kim offers a free initial consultation call for you to share about yourself and what you hope to achieve through coaching. You also have the opportunity to ask Kim questions to establish whether you are both a good fit.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Many clients use their initial consultation call to determine which is the best plan for them.  Alternatively, you can jump straight in and choose from either Single Session, 6 Week Transformational or 12 Week Transformational packages.  Package descriptions are outlined below.

Live Your Vision!

After striving to reach goals for a major part of your life already, this may sound like a whole lot of effort.  This is why having the support of a life coach  – to invigorate rather than drain, is a key to creating the change you want for yourself.  Kim will support you in getting clear and reconnecting with your authentic self.