Movie: The Shift – Dr. Wayne Dyer

16 Apr 2021 | Ageing is positive, Life Purpose

This is a movie that I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who is looking to make a transition toward a life with more meaning.   It is a lovely movie where Dr. Wayne Dyer, renowned self-help author and motivational speaker plays himself.

In this movie  Dr. Dyer talks about how at a certain stage of maturity, an individual will move from the morning, to the afternoon stage of their life. The first half (or morning stage) of life is fueled by the needs of the ego (ambition) whereas the afternoon stage of life is more concerned with meaning and purpose.

You can see a two minute preview of this movie by clicking the below image.

Or to watch the full movie, click on the the following link:

The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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