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So you’ve had a good read of everything and are ready to take the next step?  That’s awesome.

Finding the right coach to work with you on your midlife transformational journey is important.  It’s a bit like finding a doctor or a personal trainer, you want the fit to be “just right”.

Kim is offering you a free initial consultation call for you to share about yourself and what you hope to achieve through coaching. You also have the opportunity to ask her questions to establish whether this feels like a good fit.

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What others are saying about Kim Reardon Life Coaching…

It was so powerful and has had such a positive impact on me since.

Kim guided our conversation with such powerful questions and made me really look into my current actions and how they weren’t reflecting the reality I wish to create. I’m so thankful for her insights, perspectives and guidance during this coaching session.

Kim was such an amazing coach to work with. She had such a warm, kind and comforting energy that makes me feel heard, supported and guided. It was so refreshing to hear her perspectives and her wisdom and I would be very happy to work with Kim again.

Nikita, Australia


It was great! It was very relaxed but focused. It was very enlightening in getting me focused and thinking about my goals and looking at anything that I see as holding me back from reaching them. I think we achieved great things, we set small goals each week and these bite sized objectives were easy enough to achieve, but also required some focus on them to achieve. If I was to pick one word I would say – Enlightening

Milair, New Zealand

Taking time back for me

I gained so much – Kim asked some really good questions which is helping me figuring out who I am (which is amazing because this is not something I expected to come up in the session at all). She helped me identify that I have spent so much time doing for others that I have lost sight of myself. 

Although I was aware that this may be a problem, when talking with Kim she really helped me identify it and gain clarity in this area, as well as see that doing things for me is not selfish. Kim also helped me to see that I try too hard and expect too much from myself.

Avril, New Zealand

I have clarity around an area that I didn't have before

I had 3 sessions and by the end of it I feel I have a lot more clarity around the area I wanted to focus on. I have ended up with a pathway that I don’t think I expected, but it definitely feels right. I think I feel “lighter” than before the sessions.

I have clarity around an area that I didn’t have before. I can see links to other areas of my life too which I hadn’t realised. The benefits have been quite huge in only a few sessions.

Gen, New Zealand